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Happy to be going home. Honest.

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So my trip has come to an end now after 7 months of being away from home. I finished off with a final couple of weeks in Auckland where I have been lucky to be able to stay with Amy and Dan again. I have spent alot of my time whiling away the hours on their sunny deck with daisy the dog, and also doing a couple of things I missed first time round in Auckland; like visiting the sky tower- awesome views of the city interspersed with random people jumping off the top (as it wouldn’t be New Zealand if someone wasn’t jumping off something) and going to Piha beach.

View Of Auckland Harbour Bridge From The Sky Tower

View Of Auckland Harbour Bridge From The Sky Tower

Piha Beach With Daisy The Dog

Piha Beach With Daisy The Dog

I also took Ron to the car market where I sold him after 8763km of faithful service (an emotional goodbye, especially since the Chinese backpacker I sold him to didn’t really understand that I wanted him to carry on calling the car Ron). Though to be honest I’m pretty happy I managed to sell him as there are a lot of desperate backpackers around trying to sell their cars, and not many buyers (I put up posters in about 10 hostels and didn’t hear anything back, and only managed to sell Ron at the car market in the last 10 minutes). But Ron didn’t break down (despite some worrying moments of randomly cutting out at traffic lights) and I sold him for the same as what I paid for him, so all in all, he was a good deal.

Bye Ron! <img class='img' src='http://www.travellerspoint.com/Emoticons/icon_sad.gif' width='15' height='15' alt=':(' title='' />

Bye Ron! :(

Now all my loose ends are tied up, I have ticked off everything on my "things to do whilst travelling" list and I’m really looking forward to going home. I think I will miss travelling as you get to do so many awesome things and meet loads of cool people. However there are a few things I’m not going to miss:

  • Public enemy number 1: The Sand fly
  • Public enemy number 2: The Snoring Backpacker
  • Constant worry the car will break down and not having Dad there to fix it
  • Random panics about the location of my passport, even though it’s been in the same place for 7 months
  • Being freezing cold and remembering all the warm clothes you left at home because "it’s summer in New Zealand"
  • Getting constant blank looks when you say you are from Guernsey
  • Paying someone an obscene amount of money to jump off something or to go see something cool, and then getting charged even more to get the photos of it afterwards
  • Sharing poorly equipped kitchens with a lot of other people and having to take shifts on who gets a knife and fork (this may be a slight exaggeration)
  • Not being able to buy anything that won’t be able to fit in your already full backpack
  • Constantly wearing the same clothes, no matter how shabby they have become
  • Paying a lot of money to use rubbish slow internet
  • Constantly being told that 2012 was the worst summer in New Zealand for years

However these small annoyances are nothing compared to the good bits of travelling, and I only need to look back on this blog to see all the awesome things I have had the opportunity to do. So in summary, I have had a great time away, but I am genuinely looking forward to going back, not constantly being on the move, having the comforts of home, sleeping in my own bed and especially seeing all the people I have missed.

Not looking forward to the long flight back though.

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